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right in and say good morning to our thursday political power. mark ginsburg, joi ann reed, ron reagan, and republican strategist susan del percio. it's great to have you all here. as we speak right now, the confirmation hearing of john kerry is taking place. started roughly after 10:00 a.m. and this is a big difference of what we saw yesterday, ironically enough, this is the senate committee that kerry technically still chairs, and he made a joke about that, saying it was pretty -- pretty interesting position to be on the soother side, and those esteemed senators that sit up there. let's start out with how this started off. he showed up with a power panel that was fresh, experienced, and bipartisan. when i talked about fresh, elizabeth warren, experienced, hillary clinton, and bipartisan, mccain. >> our friendship has been affected from time to time by our enthusiasm for the conflicting views and by the competitive nature of politics, but the friendship has endured, i believe, it is based in mutual respect. >> mark, i want to start with you. everybody says this is going to be smooth s
and white house middle east adviser mark ginsburg. let me start with israel. do israelis have a choice but to bomb and truck convoys and worry about hezbollah getting surface to air missiles or getting chemical weapons? >> they had no choice. the gootd nd news is either the syrian regime wants to get them out or hezbollah had been storing weapons in syria wanted to get them out because they are not quite sure that assad is going to last. no, i think this is very similar to what the israelis did in 2007 when syria started moving toward developing a nuclear capability. >> mark ginsburg i read in the paper one of the accounts said the israeli bombing is close to damascus. >> yeah. one of the issues here, larry, is that there are weapons of mass destruction that are seeping out of their storage depots and we have picked up intelligence reports over the last few months. this is certainly not the first where the israelis went on high alert the last few days because they were concerned that there had been indications that some of the weapons of mass destruction had been transferred into the h
david chiu here to join us, our rec and park commission, mark and phil ginsburg from rec and park, doreen, thank you very much, rodney from the planning commission, thank you, rodney for your leadership as well. to present and past commissioners of our port as well, you've all been part of this legacy of history building down here. and i also want to say thank you to vortex, the contractors who are here. they represent all the powell drivers who have been working really hard. and the great personal thank you to public works and he's the city engineer. he kept everybody together working with monique and the rec and park and everybody else to make sure that the workers, all 75 of them, working hard to get this done, along with our local contractors, matt hughey, thank you, mh for being part of this wonderful work as well. it's been long in coming. it's another example of how we use and how we have responsibly used our recreation and park open space bond from 2008. our clean and safe bond program. i know phil is delighted because we got another one passed this past november. it's a g
is former u.s. ambassador to morocco, mark ginsburg. how are you? >> good to be with you. >> hey, look. we know it's impossible to eradicate the tall been and we know that we have basically decimated al qaeda leadership in afghanistan. is it time to make the afghans grow up and take care of themselves or are the threats there still too great to draw down the forces too much? >> i think that you can answer your question four different ways because it's so confusing when's going on in afghanistan. the problem is ultimately that the afghani military is never going to be ready to take over for the withdrawal american forces to defend that country. the fact of the matter is that the taliban control a significant part of the country. even after the so-called mini surge that was orchestrated by general petraeus and general mcchrystal. the fact of the matter is that president karzai is very unpopular. and the fact of the matter is that geographically a central government in kabul can never really control the vast majority of that country, including the areas most closer to pakistan. >> ambassador,
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own general manager of rec and park phil ginsburg joined with the president of the rec and park commission mark beale. (applause) >> good afternoon, everybody. it's such a pleasure to join monique and our port commissioners and the mayor and port staff and the department of public works celebrating this incredible investment in the port, which is such a significant part of our treasured open space portfolio in san francisco. but most of all, mark beale and i are here to thank the community, to thank all of you for supporting park bonds, the 2008 clean and safe neighborhoods park bonds provided almost all of the $10 million of investment in where we are standing today. and thanks to the 72% of san franciscans that voted yes in november of '12, we have another couple million dollars that will work on a little ways down the south area. you can see it. we'll be able to renovate the next piece of this incredible vista and open space. so, we just want to celebrate our tremendous sister agency. here's to open space and here's to recreation and here's to vistas and congrats, everybody.
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)